The Power of Shift Select UPMC: Streamlining Healthcare Staffing


What is Shift Select UPMC?

Shift Select UPMC is an innovative software developed by UPMC, one of the leading healthcare systems in the United States. It is designed to help healthcare facilities manage their staffing needs efficiently and effectively. From scheduling shifts to managing time-off requests, Shift Select UPMC offers a comprehensive solution for all staffing-related tasks.

How Does Shift Select UPMC Work?

Shift Select UPMC operates on a cloud-based platform, making it easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. It allows administrators to create schedules, assign shifts, and manage time-off requests in real-time. Employees can also access the platform to view their schedules, request shift changes, and communicate with their colleagues.

Why Choose Shift Select UPMC?

  1. Simplified Scheduling Process Gone are the days of manually creating schedules on spreadsheets. With Shift Select UPMC, administrators can create schedules in minutes, taking into account employee availability, skills, and preferences. This eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communication between managers and staff, saving time and reducing errors.
  2. Improved Communication Communication is key in any workplace, especially in healthcare settings where timely and accurate information is crucial. Shift Select UPMC offers a messaging feature that allows employees and managers to communicate seamlessly within the platform. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and reduces miscommunication.
  3. Increased Efficiency By automating the scheduling process, Shift Select UPMC increases efficiency and reduces the risk of human error. It also offers features such as shift swapping and self-scheduling, which empowers employees to take control of their schedules, resulting in a more satisfied and engaged workforce.
  4. Cost-Effective With its advanced features and streamlined processes, Shift Select UPMC helps healthcare facilities save time and money. By reducing the need for manual scheduling and minimizing errors, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.
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How to Use Shift Select UPMC?

Using Shift Select UPMC is simple and straightforward. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

The first step is to set up your account on the Shift Select UPMC platform. This involves providing basic information about your facility and creating login credentials.

Step 2: Customize Your Settings

Next, customize your settings according to your facility’s needs. This includes setting up departments, job codes, and employee profiles.

Step 3: Create Schedules

Once your settings are in place, you can start creating schedules. You can do this manually or use the auto-scheduling feature, which takes into account employee availability and preferences.

Step 4: Manage Time-Off Requests

Employees can submit time-off requests through the platform, which managers can approve or deny. This ensures that all requests are properly documented and accounted for in the schedule.

Step 5: Communicate with Employees

Use the messaging feature to communicate with your employees regarding any changes or updates to the schedule. This promotes transparency and keeps everyone informed.

Examples of Shift Select UPMC in Action

Here are some real-life examples of how healthcare facilities have benefited from using Shift Select UPMC:

  1. A large hospital system was able to reduce their scheduling time from 8 hours to just 30 minutes by implementing Shift Select UPMC.
  2. A nursing home saw a 50% decrease in scheduling errors after switching to Shift Select UPMC, resulting in improved patient care and staff satisfaction.
  3. A rehabilitation center was able to save over $20,000 in labor costs within the first year of using Shift Select UPMC.

Comparing Shift Select UPMC to Traditional Staffing Methods

Traditional staffing methods involve manual scheduling, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. With Shift Select UPMC, the entire process is automated, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes. It also offers features such as self-scheduling and shift swapping, which are not possible with traditional methods.

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Tips for Using Shift Select UPMC Effectively

  1. Train Your Staff Ensure that all employees are trained on how to use Shift Select UPMC effectively. This will help them understand the platform’s features and make the most out of it.
  2. Utilize Advanced Features Take advantage of features such as self-scheduling and shift swapping to empower your employees and improve their satisfaction.
  3. Regularly Review and Update Settings As your facility’s needs change, make sure to review and update your settings accordingly. This will ensure that the platform continues to meet your facility’s requirements.

FAQs about Shift Select UPMC

Q: Can I access Shift Select UPMC from my phone?

A: Yes, Shift Select UPMC is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Q: How does Shift Select UPMC handle shift conflicts?

A: Shift Select UPMC has a conflict resolution feature that alerts administrators of any potential conflicts and allows them to resolve them quickly.

Q: Can I integrate Shift Select UPMC with other software?

A: Yes, Shift Select UPMC offers integration options with other HR and payroll systems.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of employees I can schedule on Shift Select UPMC?

A: No, there is no limit to the number of employees that can be scheduled on Shift Select UPMC.

Q: Can I customize the platform to match my facility’s branding?

A: Yes, Shift Select UPMC offers customization options to match your facility’s branding.


Shift Select UPMC has revolutionized the way healthcare facilities manage their staffing needs. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it simplifies and streamlines the scheduling process, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. By utilizing this powerful software, healthcare facilities can focus on what matters most – providing quality care to their patients. So why wait? Make the shift to Shift Select UPMC today and experience the difference for yourself.

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